The Siddur is the traditional Jewish prayer book.  "Transliterated" means that the Hebrew sounds are spelled out using the English alphabet.  This enables anyone to follow along with the liturgy and to sing along with the congregation.

The Transliterated Siddur is intended to help Jews who are learning to recite the traditional prayers.  Permission is granted to individuals to print or download pages for private study and for insertion into the corresponding pages of their Hebrew-English Siddur.
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The Transliterated Siddur
The Transliterated Siddur uses color to indicate which words are usually sung by the Cantor, which by the congregation, and which are recited silently.  

Music has been important to Judaism since the times of the Temple.  In addition to presenting the words of each prayer, some of the pages will, on request, play the tunes that are popular with most congregations.
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The Transliterated Siddur includes the Sabbath services for Friday nights and Saturday mornings in their entirety.  It also includes the daily blessings said over mitzvot, and on arising.  

We plan to add more synagogue services for other occasions, and more recordings.  The weekday services and Zemirot (Sabbath table songs) are next. 

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